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A manifest

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Grégoire Gardette is one of those who never stops. A creator in perpetual motion, he has invented a rich palette - graphics, photography, design - traveling with the same momentum through real territories and dreamed places in order to grasp as closely as possible this ideal mystery that is the beauty of the world.

From one medium to another, the images that Grégoire has been creating and sharing for more than 25 years are subtle witnesses of a generous outlook nourished by roaming and encounters. An inspired creative director, he has supported major establishments around the world as well as recognized personalities in the worlds of culture, the art of living, travel and beauty.


Surveyor of distances, of these places where the intimate rubs shoulders with the foreign, Grégoire also invites us towards our own interior journeys. From its Mediterranean roots, it will retain as much the wisdom of an age-old art of living as a refined style where the lines are of sea and light.

With an experienced and loyal team gathered within GG Factory, Grégoire now wishes to give new impetus to the collective adventure he has built over the last few years. May it become a space open to collaborations, with multiple geographical roots. May it become a place of transmission and sharing, driven by a common sensitive approach.

This new story will be called Nomade, a word which says as much the adventure that is being built as the affirmation that movement must be the essential driving force of creation. By choosing to step aside, Grégoire offers a liberated creative experience, part of a dynamic horizon full of possibilities.

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